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Gallery: Oil on Canvas

Click on any image to see a large version in a separate window. Please contact the artist for pricing information. Also consider visiting the watercolor-on-paper gallery.

And Then There Was One
Size: 12.5" X 16.5"

Cat Feet...
Size: 12.5" X 16.5"

Dreaming Earth
Size: 16" X 26"

Equinox Zero
Size: 14" X 33"

The Gathering #2
Size: 24" X 36"

Memory of a Dream
Size: 20" X 40"

Pass Through
Size: 20" X 40"

Summer #1
Size: 18" X 28"

Second Best Beach...
Size: 24" X 44"

Westering Moon
Size: 18" X 24"


These original pieces are painted on high-quality canvas and mounted on construction- quality plywood for longevity.